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Tattoo and Rock Festival - Tattoo and Rock Festival
A colourful festival.

Two tattoo parlours in Lisbon are at the origin of this festival which was first held in 2005.
Rock music and tattoos: a great combination! If you are a fan of both, don't miss this event where over the three days of the festival you can watch...

Lady Gaga, Artpop Ball Tour, concert - Lady Gaga, Artpop Ball Tour, concert

An explosive show!

Lady Gaga fans, rejoice! The pop diva who is seen as Madonna's successor by some - and as highly provocative by others - will be spicing up the French capital with two concerts at the Zenith in Paris. The singer who brought us the worldwide hit...

Queer Lisboa, Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - Queer Lisboa, Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
15th anniversary in 2011.

Dates to be confirmed.

The Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2011. It is now one of the city's key events and attracts many film buffs from all over Europe.

Queer Lisboa is the opp...

Lisbon Marathon - Lisbon Marathon

A course of seven hills.

Dates to be confirmed.

The start and finish the marathon in Lisbon are usually held on the Praça do Comércio or Market Square, one of the largest squares in Europe, near the Palace of the kings of Portugal, and not...

Line and Colour: Paintings and Watercolours, exhibition - Line and Colour: Paintings and Watercolours, exhibition
Artists at their most spontaneous.

This exhibition reveals a small, but very important series of drawings and watercolours purchased by the museum and presented in its entirety for the first time.

Jazz em Agosto Festival - Jazz em Agosto Festival
Harmonious encounters.

Since it was first held, back in 1984, the Jazz em Agosto festival in Lisbonhas seen the best of the best in European jazz with musicians and groups from all over the world gathering to perform and exchange.
Icons of the jazz world and ...

Pharrell Williams in concert - Pharrell Williams in concert

Music's man of the moment.

After an exceptional year in 2013 that saw him write or participate in the three biggest tracks of the year - successively "Get Lucky", "Blurred Lines" and "Happy", Pharrell Williams and his anthology of tunes are on the road for...

DocLisboa Festival - DocLisboa Festival
Diverse documentaries.

Dates to be confirmed.

Every year in Autumn, several venues in Lisbon play host to the DocLisboa Festival.
The festival is dedicated to recent national and international productions of documentaries and features...

Out Jazz Festival - Out Jazz Festival
Music in the city.

The Out Jazz Festival invites the public every Sunday in summertime, from May to September, to discover the parks, gardens and the emblematic sites of Lisbon while enjoying jazz music and DJ sets. This series of free concerts makes it po...

Il Divo in concert : A musical affair - Il Divo in concert : A musical affair

Classical boy band.

Il Divo is an international lyric quartet with an unusual mission: giving opera and classical music a new lease of life. Their chosen method? Revisiting pop hits in classical style...

The result is impressive to say the least! This multicultural bo...