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AfricAdançar, Festival - AfricAdançar, Festival
In the heart of Africa.

Dates to be confirmed.

Come and celebrate the African continent at the AfricAdançar festival.
This great event highlights the best and latest African music and dance, as well as exploring African culture and cu...

Nutcracker Nutcracker, ballet - Nutcracker Nutcracker, ballet
A updated take on a classic.

Some of our most established traditions are of unknown origin. Others, however, have an origin that can clearly be identified. This is the case with the ballet The Nutcracker. And if...

A Shared History: Treasures of the Royal Palaces of Spain, exhibition - A Shared History: Treasures of the Royal Palaces of Spain, exhibition
Historic importance.

Prepare to see the Royal Palaces of Spain as you've never seen them before, at this exhibition. Discover unusual objects and an unprecedented concentration of works of art from the Royal Palace. Learn of the passionate interest in art of the monarch...

Macbeth, opera by Verdi - Macbeth, opera by Verdi
Power and drama.

A great admirer of Shakespeare, Verdi adapted several of his plays for opera (Otello and Falstaff come to mind). However, Macbeth was the first work by the famous English playwright that the composer was to set to music.
In this work...

The Messiah, oratorio by Handel - The Messiah, oratorio by Handel

The skies open above Handel.

Handel's most famous oratorio, the The Messiah, was composed in just one month in 1741 and was first played in Dublin, where it was met with instant success. The English public took a few years to fully appreciate it.

The Messiah...

Indie Lisboa, festival - Indie Lisboa, festival
Lights, camera, action!

Dates to be confirmed.

The International Independent Film Festival Indie Lisboa has become the most important event of its kind in Portugal since it began in 2004.

The festival turns the spotlight on non-ma...

Belem Music Festival - Belem Music Festival
A musical marathon.

Dates to be confirmed.

The Belem cultural centre in Lisbon is organising a three-day marathon event of concerts known as the The Belem Music Festival (Dias da música em Belém).

This festival offers a new perspe...

La Cenerentola, opera by Rossini - La Cenerentola, opera by Rossini
A brilliant work.

We are all familiar with the famous tale of Cinderella, as told by Charles Perrault and the Grimm Brothers. It's tempting to say that Rossini's opera is a "simple" musical setting...

Los Diamantes de la Corona, zarzuela by Francisco Asenjo Barbieri - Los Diamantes de la Corona, zarzuela by Francisco Asenjo Barbieri
French comic opera in zarzuela form.

Opera fans will be keen to discover or rediscover this zarzuela (a Spanish lyrical genre). It is an adaptation of the comic opera Les Diamants de la couronne composed by Dani...

Festival of Fish - Festival of Fish
The ocean on your plate.

The Festival of Fish, "Peixe em Lisboa" was first held in 2008 and reflects the importance of fish and seafood in Portuguese food and cooking.

Demonstrations, cooking lessons with top chefs, tasting sessions ...