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Porto Marathon - Porto Marathon

Test yourself in Porto.

The first year of this marathon event in 2004 filled a void for a general public who are unconditional fans of running - a sport that is a veritable institution in Portugal.

This endurance trial is one of the most important races ...

Stories: Works in the Serralves Collection, exhibition - Stories: Works in the Serralves Collection, exhibition
Serralves, tell us a story.

Stories is an exhibition that has been conceived as three parts. It explores the idea of narrative in contemporary art and invites reflection about different art forms. Painting, sculpture, film, photography, performance and installation, all...

Classic Car Show in Porto - Classic Car Show in Porto
Auto enthusiasts.

The city of Porto plays host to the annual Classic Car and Motorcycle Show! The Salao Internacional do Automovèl e Motociclo Clàssico e de Epoca is divided into four areas: auto and motorbike associations and clubs, the parts market, and ...

Serralves Project 2014: Nairy Baghramian, exposition - Serralves Project 2014: Nairy Baghramian, exposition
Major art.

Each year, the Sonae project presents an exhibition of sculptures in the Serralves Park. Many top international artists have exhibited their work here, and now it is Nairy Baghramian, who lives and works in Berlin, who will present his work as p...

Santa Claus parade - Santa Claus parade

Hundreds of Father Christmases spotted in Porto!

Dates to be confirmed.

Not one nor two, but hundreds of Father Christmases will parade through the streets of Porto on the occasion of the now traditional Desfile Pais of Natal. This Fat...

Porto International Puppet Festival - Porto International Puppet Festival
Puppets in Porto.

The city of Porto hosts the International Puppet Festival every year in September. Numerous shows are proposed in different cultural facilities in Porto and its surroundings (the Balleteatro, the Carlos Alberto theatre, the Belomonte theatre in ...

Porto Book Fair - Porto Book Fair
Porto on the page.

Book professionals and publishers will meet the public in the garden of the Palácio de Cristal for what is one of the largest book fairs in Portugal.

Many exhibitors will be p...

Independance Day - Independance Day

Celebrating the state.

Celebrated every December 1st since 1640, and commemorating Restoration Day (Dia da Restauração), Portuguese Independence Day recalls the period in political history when the country was under the thumb of the Spanish crown for nearly 60 years. Th...

Sea Life Aquarium in Porto, visit - Sea Life Aquarium in Porto, visit
Adventures at Sea Life.

Visiting Sea Life in Porto reveals many surprises: numerous fish, bamboo sharks and other whimsical tropical species, at the end of your visit you will be an expert about the aquatic worl...

Porto's Historic Centre, visit - Porto's Historic Centre, visit
Proudly perched on the hills…

Proudly perched on the hills, the historical centre of Porto dominates the Douro. The topography and the mouth of the river lend character to this beautiful urban landscape. A UNESCO World Heritage listed site, the historic centre of...